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Women in Charge enables female students to engineer the life of which they dream by uncovering their future in science! It meets the needs of your female students by discovering an innovative enrichment program and practical ways to introduce female students to the different scientific fields. Engineering, medicine, chemistry, genetics, and environmental science activities that increase female students’ interest and knowledge of science will be demonstrated for a fun filled, practical session. 

Women in Charge:
Engineering Women's Lives
was thrilled to host and work with 
MIT Women's Initiative students!
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Hear What Participants have to say!

The impact these great [WIC] trips made on my daughters cannot be overstated. 6 years later my oldest is studying Engineering at Clemson and plans to work in the auto industry (BMW tour 2010). The DNA lab comes up in conversation more than past trips to Disney. My youngest plans to study computer science or math. Thank you Millibeth Currie for your dedication to our daughters, teaching, and STEM. You are a treasure to our community. Go W.I.C.!

I will never forget the spectacular memories I have accumulated for the past two years.

I loved being in WIC and it has definitely made an impact on my life.

I used to think I couldn’t understand math, now I know I can!

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Thank you so much for the great introduction to the start of my engineering career!

Women in Charge and you have inspired me to pursue my goals, and much more!

Before, I absolutely hated science. You made science so interesting with interactive learning all year!

Being in Women in Charge has made me more confident and reassuring that I can do anything.

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