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How You Can Help

Funding Needs


In the past we have earned grant awards to fund our program.  Currently, we are sponsored by The Charleston Digital Corridor.   However, we encourage further support to provide our programming at no cost to our members.  This will enable all of our students to afford participating in the program including needed supplies, labs, consultant fees, and travel expenses.

How can you help?
Direct Donations


By funding our program we can offer the benefits to all our students.  Some program members could not participate without financial help. This way no one will be turned away.  We need funding for science equipment, program costs and transportation to MUSC, or the Clemson DNA Learning Center, etc.  Many times we have opportunities to work in science labs and at universities that we cannot take advantage of because we lack travel funding. 

Community Involvement: Spread the Word!

We can always use more community resources that could support the program by giving of their time to work with us. We especially like to work with science and math leaders and strong women business leaders who may inspire them. If you know of a resource contact us.
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